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Pocket-sized comprehensive food list for patients with Maple Syrup Urine Disease. This self-explanatory book on the Leucine (LEU) Exchange System c...
An aid for parents and interested lay persons in the understanding of medical and related terms encountered during care of children with Maple Syrup U...
This article is dedicated to discussing the H1N1 (Swine Flu) that's going around globally. Unfortunately there are no known information about this vir...
Urine for DNPH testing: To obtain a urine specimen from an infants diaper, put several cotton balls or sterile gauzes around the child's penis or vag...
On July 29, 2009, MSUD families and patients of the Clinic for Special Children came from all over central Pennsylvania for a day of nutrition educa...
For several years, We have heard about Dr.Brendan Lee’s study for the possible use of Phenylbutyrate or Buphenyl in MSUD. He has spoken about it at ...
Thiamin is a vitamin (B1) found in a variety of foods including meat, legumes, and whole, fortified and enriched grain products. Thiamin’s main role...
Lifelong medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is a key part of medical therapy for many inherited amino and organic acidopathies. But there is a lack ...
Dr. Wilson has worked in the field of gene therapy for the past 35 years. He readily accepted the invitation to join our conference as he felt it...

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