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Written by Julie McClure, RD   

Specialty manufactured low protein foods have long been an important part of dietary management for MSUD and other disorders of amino acid metabolism. They can be helpful at providing appropriate calories and the leucine content of each item is readily available.

However, these products can be expensive for those who do not have insurance or state coverage for the specialty manufactured low protein foods. Fortunately in the last few years as vegan, gluten-free and even paleo diets have become more popular, it has become easier to find foods in regular and specialty grocery stores that can work for the low protein diet.

Although typically more expensive than regular grocery store items, these grocery store finds are often cheaper than specially manufactured low protein foods. You can take home your items with the same day you shop, with no shipping charges either!

Protein values are estimates from a variety of sources (howmuchphe.org, food companies, USDA database or calculations from ingredients and nutrition labels). Check labels carefully to ensure you have the correct product. Protein on the nutrition label should be consistent with amount you are counting. As a general rule of thumb you can multiply the protein grams by 60 to get an estimated mg leucine per serving. Check with your metabolic team if you have questions. Let’s go on a quick tour of what you may be able to find.

ItemBrandLocationServing SizeProtein
Produce and Breads
Cassava (Yuca) RootHispanic GS½ cup1.4 gm
Mountain White BreadCanyon BakehouseTarget1 slice1.3 gm
Tapioca LoafEner-GWF, EF, GC1 slice0.7 gm
“Seafood and Meat”
Breaded Vegan ScallopsSophie’s KitchenWF, online8 pieces0.2 gm
Breaded Vegan CoconutShrimpSophie’s KitchenWF, online4 pieces0.8 gm
JackfruitBBQ, TexMex, Curry, ChiliLime Carnitas, OriginalThe Jackfruit Company, Upton’sWF, EF, some WM2.5 oz1.3 – 1.8 gm
Coconut MilkSilk, So DeliciousGS, WM, Target8 oz0.5 gm
Almond MilkSilk, Blue DiamondGS, WM, Target8 oz0.7 gm
Flax MilkGood KarmaGS8 oz0 gm
Rice MilkDreamGS, WM, Target8 oz0.5 gm
Coconut Milk YogurtTJ, So DeliciousTJ, GS, WM, EF, WF5 oz0.5 gm
Almond Milk YogurtDreamWF, EF6 oz1.4 gm
Coconut Milk Ice Cream (with- out added nuts or chocolate)TJ, So Delicious, CoconutBlissTJ, WF, EF, GS½ cup0.7-1.4 gm
Almond Milk Ice CreamSo Delicious, DreamWF, EF, GS½ cup~ 1.3 gm
Rice Milk Ice CreamGood Karma, DreamWF, EF, GS½ cup0.4 – 1 gm
Cheese (slices, shreds or blocks)DaiyaWF, EF, some WM, Target1 oz (28 g)1.4 gm
Chao slices (creamy original or herbField RoastWF, EF, some WM1 slice (20 g)0 gm
Chao slices (tomato cayenne)Field RoastWF, EF1 slice (20 g)0.2 gm
Imitation Slices or Shreds(Mexican, America or Italian)Sunny AcresDollar Tree1 oz (28 gm)1 gm
“All New” Cheese Blocks or Slices (American, Garden herb, Mozzarella, Provolone)Follow Your HeartWF, EF, some WM1 oz (28 gm)0 gm
Vegan Gourmet Blocks “Made with Organic” (Monterey Jack, Nacho, Mozzarella, Cheddar)Follow Your HeartWF, EF,1 oz (28 gm)1.3 gm
Shreds (Fiesta blend, Mozza- rella, Cheddar)Follow Your HeartWF, EF1 oz (28 gm)0.2 gm
Imitation American SlicesSandwich Mate or SmartOptionsWM or other GS1 slice (19 gm)0.5 gm
Frozen Foods
White Sandwich or Multigrain breadGlutinoWF, EF, GS1 slice0.9 gm
Gluten-Free Original BreadRudi’sWF, EF, GS, WM1 slice0.5 gm
Gluten-Free WafflesTrader Joe’sTJ1 waffle0.6 gm
Homestyle WafflesNature’s PathWF, EF, GS1 waffle0.5 gm
Fried PlantainsGOYAGS1 piece0.3 gm
Ripe PlantainsGOYAGS5 pieces0.5 gm
Broccoli or Sweet PotatoLittlesDr. Praeger’sWF, EF, GS2 pieces1 gm
Puffs (Taro, Carrot or Kale)Dr. Praeger’sWF, EF, GS7 pieces1 gm
Salty Snacks/ Starches
Gluten-Free PretzelsSnyder’sWF, EF, GS, WM1 oz0.2 gm
PretzelsGlutinoWF, EF, GS1 oz0.5 gm
Gluten-Free Pretzel CrispsSnack FactoryGS1 oz0.3 gm
Original, Black Pepper, Toasted OnionAbsolutely Gluten FreeWF, EF, GS9 crackers0.3 gm
Flatbread- EverythingAbsolutely Gluten-FreeWF, EF, GS2 flatbreads0.3 gm
Original or Table CrackersGlutinoWF, EF, GS1 oz0.7 gm
Bagel ChipsGlutinoWF, EF, GS1 oz (7)1 gm
Sai-Fun NoodlesKa-meGS1 cup cooked0.1 gm
Mai-Fun NoodlesKa-meGS1 cup cooked0.7 gm
Shirataki calorie free pastaMiracle NoodlesGS1 cup cooked0 gm
Cassava (Yuca) ChipsAricoGS1 oz0.4 gm
Plantain ChipsTrader Joe’sTJ1 oz0.5 gm
Lemon WafersGlutinoWF, EF, GS1 wafer0 gm
Kinnitoos Chocolate or VanillaSandwich CookiesKinnikinnick FoodsWF, EF, GS1 cookie0.2 gm
Toaster PastryGlutinoWF, EF, GS1 pastry0.9 gm
Peanut SpreadWalden FarmsGS1 Tbsp0 gm
Biscoff Spread/ Cookie ButterLotus, Trader Joe’sGC, TJ1 Tbsp0.5 gm

Key: GS- Grocery Stores (which ones vary depending upon product and your region), EF- Earth Fare, WF- Whole Foods, TJ- Trader Joe’s, WM- Walmart

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