Specialty manufactured low protein foods have long been an important part of dietary management for MSUD and other disorders of amino acid metabolism. They can be helpful at providing appropriate calories and the leucine content of each item is readily available.

However, these products can be expensive for those who do not have insurance or state coverage for the specialty manufactured low protein foods. Fortunately in the last few years as vegan, gluten-free and even paleo diets have become more popular, it has become easier to find foods in regular and specialty grocery stores that can work for the low protein diet.

Although typically more expensive than regular grocery store items, these grocery store finds are often cheaper than specially manufactured low protein foods. You can take home your items with the same day you shop, with no shipping charges either!

Protein values are estimates from a variety of sources (, food companies, USDA database or calculations from ingredients and nutrition labels). Check labels carefully to ensure you have the correct product. Protein on the nutrition label should be consistent with amount you are counting. As a general rule of thumb you can multiply the protein grams by 60 to get an estimated mg leucine per serving. Check with your metabolic team if you have questions. Let’s go on a quick tour of what you may be able to find.

Item Brand Location Serving Size Protein
Produce and Breads
Cassava (Yuca) Root   Hispanic GS ½ cup 1.4 gm
Mountain White Bread Canyon Bakehouse Target 1 slice 1.3 gm
Tapioca Loaf Ener-G WF, EF, GC 1 slice 0.7 gm
“Seafood and Meat”
Breaded Vegan Scallops Sophie’s Kitchen WF, online 8 pieces 0.2 gm
Breaded Vegan CoconutShrimp Sophie’s Kitchen WF, online 4 pieces 0.8 gm
JackfruitBBQ, TexMex, Curry, ChiliLime Carnitas, Original The Jackfruit Company, Upton’s WF, EF, some WM 2.5 oz 1.3 – 1.8 gm
Coconut Milk Silk, So Delicious GS, WM, Target 8 oz 0.5 gm
Almond Milk Silk, Blue Diamond GS, WM, Target 8 oz 0.7 gm
Flax Milk Good Karma GS 8 oz 0 gm
Rice Milk Dream GS, WM, Target 8 oz 0.5 gm
Coconut Milk Yogurt TJ, So Delicious TJ, GS, WM, EF, WF 5 oz 0.5 gm
Almond Milk Yogurt Dream WF, EF 6 oz 1.4 gm
Coconut Milk Ice Cream (with- out added nuts or chocolate) TJ, So Delicious, CoconutBliss TJ, WF, EF, GS ½ cup 0.7-1.4 gm
Almond Milk Ice Cream So Delicious, Dream WF, EF, GS ½ cup ~ 1.3 gm
Rice Milk Ice Cream Good Karma, Dream WF, EF, GS ½ cup 0.4 – 1 gm
Cheese (slices, shreds or blocks) Daiya WF, EF, some WM, Target 1 oz (28 g) 1.4 gm
Chao slices (creamy original or herb Field Roast WF, EF, some WM 1 slice (20 g) 0 gm
Chao slices (tomato cayenne) Field Roast WF, EF 1 slice (20 g) 0.2 gm
Imitation Slices or Shreds(Mexican, America or Italian) Sunny Acres Dollar Tree 1 oz (28 gm) 1 gm
“All New” Cheese Blocks or Slices (American, Garden herb, Mozzarella, Provolone) Follow Your Heart WF, EF, some WM 1 oz (28 gm) 0 gm
Vegan Gourmet Blocks “Made with Organic” (Monterey Jack, Nacho, Mozzarella, Cheddar) Follow Your Heart WF, EF, 1 oz (28 gm) 1.3 gm
Shreds (Fiesta blend, Mozza- rella, Cheddar) Follow Your Heart WF, EF 1 oz (28 gm) 0.2 gm
Imitation American Slices Sandwich Mate or SmartOptions WM or other GS 1 slice (19 gm) 0.5 gm
Frozen Foods
White Sandwich or Multigrain bread Glutino WF, EF, GS 1 slice 0.9 gm
Gluten-Free Original Bread Rudi’s WF, EF, GS, WM 1 slice 0.5 gm
Gluten-Free Waffles Trader Joe’s TJ 1 waffle 0.6 gm
Homestyle Waffles Nature’s Path WF, EF, GS 1 waffle 0.5 gm
Fried Plantains GOYA GS 1 piece 0.3 gm
Ripe Plantains GOYA GS 5 pieces 0.5 gm
Broccoli or Sweet PotatoLittles Dr. Praeger’s WF, EF, GS 2 pieces 1 gm
Puffs (Taro, Carrot or Kale) Dr. Praeger’s WF, EF, GS 7 pieces 1 gm
Salty Snacks/ Starches
Gluten-Free Pretzels Snyder’s WF, EF, GS, WM 1 oz 0.2 gm
Pretzels Glutino WF, EF, GS 1 oz 0.5 gm
Gluten-Free Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory GS 1 oz 0.3 gm
Original, Black Pepper, Toasted Onion Absolutely Gluten Free WF, EF, GS 9 crackers 0.3 gm
Flatbread- Everything Absolutely Gluten-Free WF, EF, GS 2 flatbreads 0.3 gm
Original or Table Crackers Glutino WF, EF, GS 1 oz 0.7 gm
Bagel Chips Glutino WF, EF, GS 1 oz (7) 1 gm
Sai-Fun Noodles Ka-me GS 1 cup cooked 0.1 gm
Mai-Fun Noodles Ka-me GS 1 cup cooked 0.7 gm
Shirataki calorie free pasta Miracle Noodles GS 1 cup cooked 0 gm
Cassava (Yuca) Chips Arico GS 1 oz 0.4 gm
Plantain Chips Trader Joe’s TJ 1 oz 0.5 gm
Lemon Wafers Glutino WF, EF, GS 1 wafer 0 gm
Kinnitoos Chocolate or VanillaSandwich Cookies Kinnikinnick Foods WF, EF, GS 1 cookie 0.2 gm
Toaster Pastry Glutino WF, EF, GS 1 pastry 0.9 gm
Peanut Spread Walden Farms GS 1 Tbsp 0 gm
Biscoff Spread/ Cookie Butter Lotus, Trader Joe’s GC, TJ 1 Tbsp 0.5 gm

Key: GS- Grocery Stores (which ones vary depending upon product and your region), EF- Earth Fare, WF- Whole Foods, TJ- Trader Joe’s, WM- Walmart


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