Karen Lovrin's son, Nick, likes a cup of hot tea mixed with MSUD diet powder formula. She fixes it by mixing , cup tea with , cup formula and, of course, lots of sugar. It's the only way he drinks the MSUD diet powder and he loves it.

Verna Mae Martin started canning her own low protein mixed vegetables. Her children like rice with salt, butter, tomato juice or spaghetti sauce, and sometimes she adds her own mixed vegetables.

For quick meals, Verna Mae likes to keep instant mashed potatoes and minute rice on hand. French fries, fried potatoes, or tater tots are the usual main breakfast foods along with fruit and cereal for her two children with MSUD.

She substituted apple butter for the applesauce in her low protein bread and used less sugar. Her daughter thought it looked more like the bread the family eats.

For Keith's pancakes, Mary Kathryn Martin substitutes applesauce for , of the oil. The pancakes have a much better texture and are not as fragile.

Tips on Mixing Formula
Recently someone suggested we collect tips on mixing formula. I received almost a dozen responses and summarized them:

  • All the mothers weigh the formula powder and use a blender, mixing from a few seconds to five minutes.
  • Place water in the blender first, then add formula. Some mothers keep the blender running while adding formula. The blender will not be as sticky, and it mixes well.
  • Mix in the evening for the following day.
  • Add supplements and vitamins before blending.
  • A hand blender works great for traveling and fits into a wide mouth jar. Easy to clean and store.
  • Add ice to just mixed formula if your child needs to have it ice cold or add ice to the blender while mixing.
  • Set a one quart canning jar on the scales and measure ingredients into the jar. The blender ring fits onto the jar. Blend, cover the jar and refrigerate. You have only the blender attachment to clean.
  • One mother measures a week's supply at a time -  including supplements - measuring into jars or ziplock bags. It saves time and your child can easily mix his own formula when it's premeasured.
  • One mother adds , T blackstrap molasses (per day) to her child's formula as a source of vitamins and minerals, and it also helps constipation.
  • Several mothers mentioned that mixing the formula was easy compared to getting the child to drink it or to preparing low protein foods.

How does a mother manage with 3 of her children on the diet?
Following is her account of her formula mixing method.

  • Seems I'm always in a hurry when I mix formula as I do it in the morning in the rush hour before school. I make it the fastest and easiest way I can! I have my blender sitting on counter day and night and a case of formula handy on the second shelf of the serving cart. My scales I have to hide as it's such a nice toy. I have it at a handy place. I use an aluminum pie pan and dump MSUD powder in it on the scales. With water in the blender, I bend the pie pan in a scoop-like way and dump the powder into the blender. I blend for one minute while I get the next batch ready, and so on until all three formulas are made. While the last batch is mixing, I grab the isoleucine and valine supplements and measure them into all three formulas. I put water in the blender to soak and that is done for another day. They all enjoy their formula, thankfully, although they do have sprees when they would rather not have it. I can't complain.


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