It's been a few months since the Symposium and our life is getting "back to normal." Thanks to all of you who wrote and shared your thoughts. It was wonderful to see so many old friends and meet so many new families. I wanted to share some statistics that I think you may find interesting.

  1. 55 MSUD families from 4 different countries attended - U.S., Canada, Chile, Australia
  2. 24 states were represented.
  3. Pennsylvania had the largest number of families with 14.
  4. 55 children and young adults with MSUD attended.
  5. The oldest MSUD female was Cindy Blau, age 37, from Columbus, Ohio.
  6. The oldest MSUD male was Darrell Deel, age 32, from Birchleaf, Virginia
  7. The youngest MSUD child was Gina Basile, age 20 months, from Olney, Maryland.
  8. 7 families had more than 1 MSUD child with them.
  9. 33 siblings of various ages were present.

And finally, there were a number of professionals present from several different states. I was really pleased with the great turn out. Let's make the 1998 Symposium in Pennsylvania even bigger and better. See you there!