New, Wonderful Low Protein Cheese

It looks like real cheese and the taste isn't far behind. It is low protein mozzarella and cheddar cheese from Ener-G Foods. A great new product which comes in 3 lb. blocks. The cheddar cheese has 1 gm protein per ounce and 80 mg leucine. The mozzarella cheese has less than 1 gm protein and 63.3 mg leucine per ounce. It keeps in the refrigerator a little longer than regular cheese and can be frozen.

Use this low protein cheese just as you would regular cheese. It does not melt, just softens, but is very attractive and tasty in salads, grated on pizza, sliced for sandwiches, and used in mountain pies. Check Ener-G Foods, Inc. under Resources.

Cheese Flavored Sauce Mix

Dietary Specialities markets a delicious powdered cheese sauce mix. Just add water and heat for a rich, cheese flavored sauce. The 5.64 oz. jar makes 4 cups of sauce. It can also be sprinkled dry on top of casseroles or low protein crackers or mixed with low protein pasta. They also market the Crackertoast and the lasagna noodles in the preceding recipe. Check Dietary Specialities, Inc. under Resources

Loprofin Foods

SHS North America now offers a variety of tasty low protein products - baking mixes, canned bread, pastas, crackers and wafers. They also sell an International PKU Recipe Book with 120 pages of recipes. For more information send to SHS North America. See under Resources