Neo Gen Screening, Inc. is a laboratory specializing in neonatal screening and the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism. The lab has analyzed over a half million samples for inherited metabolic disorders using tandem mass spectrometry and other biochemical genetic methods. Other specialty and diagnostic testing services are offered including urine organic acid testing and quantitative amino acid analysis. More than 30 clinically significant and manageable diseases that affect newborns are tested for in their Supplemental and Comprehensive Newborn Screening Program.

Automation and high volume testing in their routine newborn screening laboratory allow them to offer programs and specialty testing services at considerably lower prices than currently available in other laboratories. They will provide additional information on request detailing their clinical and newborn screening programs and the procedures for specimen collection, shipping and handling, pricing and billing information.

Free screening packages are available for clinical metabolic screening services. The package includes a Neo Gen Screening filter paper for collection of specimen, a glassine envelope, a pre-paid pre-addressed envelope, a list of disorders, instructions for specimen collection and order forms for additional "free" testing packages. Screening is available for 30 diseases at a cost of $25.

Contact: Neo Gen Screening, 110 Roessler Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1014. Phone: 866-4636436 Fax: 412-220-0784 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web site:


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