I have been drinking my formula for 28 years, and over the years I have tried many different brands of formula and used many different ways to measure and mix. The latest method seems to work the best for me.

I now measure and mix my formula for each serving and not for each day. Have you ever seen those coffee cups at McDonalds? They are Styrofoam cups, with a plastic lid. The lid has a little tab that you pull back, making it into a sipping cup, blocking that smell. I purchase the same type of cups and lids from Sam's Warehouse by the case, and they are not very expensive. What I do is measure enough powder into a cup for a serving. I usually have four servings per day. When it is time for my "power drink," I grab a cup containing premeasured formula, add water and mix it with a little battery powered hand mixer, drink my formula, and toss the cup in the trash.

I don't have to wash blenders, mixers, containers, cups, coolers, etc. anymore. My formula is always fresh . . . made and drunk within minutes. I don't carry already mixed formula anymore, and it is very liberating. The little hand mixer can fit easily into my purse. The mixers can be purchased at Walgreens or a health food store for about $3. So I now can travel with formula without all of the baggage!

I drink the Complex Vanilla formula and I highly recommend it. It smells better, tastes better with no bitter aftertaste. Sometimes, no matter how easy it is to carry the formula, it is still an inconvenience. For those times, I use the Amino Acid Bar. Let me know what you think.

Shayla also takes the Complex MSUD medical food from Applied Nutrition that Sanse writes about. She likes it so well she says she could eat it dry out of the can. She did not like any of the previous formulas she tried. She also finds the Amino Acid Bars very handy when traveling or gone from home for a day. Maybe Sanse's idea will be a help to others struggling with formula problems.

The Complex Amino Acid Bar, a chocolate bar marketed by Applied Nutrition, contains 10 gm amino acids (no leucine, isoleucine or valine). It can be used to substitute for part of the formula, but the nutritional value is not the same. Consult your nutritionist before using.

Cans of medical food always say to refrigerate after opening. I asked the company about refrigeration, and it is not necessary to refrigerate in the can, only after mixing with liquid. However, it tastes best when mixed as a single serving and drunk immediately, just as Sanse does. It is important to protect the formula from humidity. Moisture in a can of dry formula can make the powder cake, and may turn it an ugly color. It does not, however, harm the potency of the formula.


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