John and Barb Berger from Versailles, OH are the grandparents of Jordan Bulcher. Jordan was very sick as an infant, but tolerates a rather liberal classic diet.

Jordan Bulcher is our grandson. He was diagnosed with MSUD at 17 days of age. Although he has had some rough times in the past, the last year has been a very good one for him with no hospital stays. Jordan is now a very bright, caring ten year old and a delight to be around.

One of our main concerns with Jordan, as grandparents, has been all of our family get-togethers where food is abundant. He is very comfortable with his diet and does not seem to be bothered by what any of his many cousins are eating.

Jordan's parents, Sandy and Dave Bulcher, have done a terrific job of teaching Jordan his food limitations. He is able to calculate his daily food intake, even when they are not present. Tyler, Jordan's older brother, is very helpful to him also. Jordan has a strong family unit which is very comforting to us as grandparents. We hope someday more help will be available with diagnoses and formula cost for all MSUD people.