Scientific Hospital Supplies (SHS) is marketing a low protein cereal, Breakfast Cereal Loops. They taste like Honey Nut Cheerios and not at all like a low protein food. The cost is $6 per box or $5 per box if you buy 4 or more boxes. There are 13-one cup servings in a box and 1 cup has 3.4 mg leucine, 0.14 g protein and 110 calories.

Shipping and handling charges for less than a $25 order is $5. There is no S&H charge for orders over $25. To order, call: 888-567-7646 or order from:

SHS North America, P.O. Box 117, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0117

Dietary Specialties is now marketing several fully prepared low protein foods. Each product, except the Macaroni and Cheese, arrives frozen, shipped in dry ice.

  • Imitation Macaroni and Cheese- Makes 3 servings. $4.99 per pkg. or 12 pkg. in a case for $55.08. One cup serving has 92 mg leucine.
  • Wheat Starch Bread- 14 oz. loaf for $5.59 or 8 loaves in a case for $39.92. Approximately 16 slices per loaf and 20 mg leucine for 2 slices.
  • "Rye-Style" Wheat Starch Bread with caraway seeds- 14 oz. loaf for same price as bread above. Approximately 16 slices and 27 mg leucine for 2 slices.
  • Dinner Rolls- 12 oz. pkg. for $4.59 or case of 11 pkg. for $44.99. 6 rolls per pkg. and 23 mg leucine per roll.
  • Pizza with Imitation Cheese Topping- 8" pizza for $6.39 or case of 9 pizzas for $53.91. 4 servings per pizza and 107 mg leucine per serving.
  • Pizza shells- 8" shell with 2 per pkg. for $4.39 or case of 6 pkg. $23.94. A serving (? shell) is 25 mg leucine.
  • "America -Style" Singles Imitation Cheese- 10.7 oz. pkg. is $2.99 or case of 12 pkg. is $32.28. 16 slices per pkg. and 52 mg leucine per slice.

The newest item is a DariFree Beverage Mix. For more information or to make an order, call: 888-636-8123 or send to: Dietary Specialties, 865 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854

Cambrooke Foodsis the new company introduced in the last issue of the Newsletter. There have been unforseen delays in getting these new foods marketed. They include bagels, energy bars, pizza crusts, Caramel Tapioca Cakes (comparable to rice cakes) and Creamy Hot Cinnamon Cereal (comparable to flavored cream of wheat). Keep checking the web site to learn when these new, tasty products become available:

We try our best to see that the information in this Food News section is accurate. The amino acid values listed with the recipes are provided by nutritionists from Emory University. We are not responsible for typographical or other errors. Contact your clinic before making diet changes.


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