With Jordan, it is never dull around the Ernest Groff household. His mother, Glenda, our Food News Editor, has shared several of Jordan's experiences, including his very serious illness (in the Dec. '93 issue). In the Fall/Winter 1999/2000 issue, she wrote about their experience with Ritalin.This time Jordan had surgery.

In January, when the last issue of the Newsletter came, I read the article I had written about Jordan. While I was reading, Jordan was lying on the sofa recovering from his last hospital stay. It all started on the 5th of January when I received a call from his teacher at school. "Jordan is not feeling well, could you come get him?"

I don't like calls like that, because you never know what you will find at school. I picked him up and came home. He showed me where his stomach hurt. I called the Clinic and got an appointment to see Dr. Morton. In the back of my mind I thought about his appendix, because Ernie and I both had ours out since we are married.

Dr. Morton was sure it was his appendix and sent us to the emergency room. The surgeon did not think Jordan had enough symptoms to diagnose him with appendicitis, so we went home again.

The next morning I took Jordan for a CT scan. Dr. Morton looked at the scan right away. He talked to the surgeon and they decided to remove his appendix. By 6:30 that evening, Jordan had his appendix removed, but the surgeon was not certain that was the problem.

Immediately after surgery Jordan was started on TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) and was on the remainder of the night. His leucine level on the 5th (when he was first checked) was 8 mg/dl and had dropped to 4 mg/dl the day after surgery (two days later).

After lunch on Friday the 7th, when Jordan was drinking and eating again, we were allowed to bring him home. He was in the hospital less than 24 hours. It was good to be home again, because we had a two year old at home with the chicken pox.

Jordan recuperated quickly and only spent six days home from school. It was interesting to hear that the teacher couldn't believe the difference in Jordan when he came back. We wonder if he had been having pain, but didn't want to tell us, because he was NOT going to the hospital. He was rather upset when he had to go directly to the hospital after his CT scan, because I had promised him French fries after the scan. Needless to say, he got his French fries later.

When the pathology results came back, we learned that Jordan definitely had acute appendicitis.We were glad we did the surgery when we did, so he did not get critically ill.

Jordan is back to his energetic self again. I know it took his mother and father a lot longer to recover when we had the same surgery. I guess our age must have been showing!

- Glenda Groff


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