A full time pediatrician, Dr. Kevin Strauss, will join Dr. Morton and the staff at the Clinic For Special Children in Strasburg, Pennsylvania this summer. The Clinic is expanding to make room for the increase in staff. On December 29, with the help of many volunteers, a timber frame was raised for the addition.

The following paragraph from the Winter 2000 issue of the Clinic For Special Children Newsletter describes the work of the Clinic.

Unlike most centers which specialize in genetics, the Clinic was designed not only to provide specialized diagnosis, laboratory work and consultation, but also to provide primary medical care to children for all their medical needs however minor or critical. This comprehensive approach has given the Clinic an opportunity and advantage of learning more about disease processes related to metabolic disorders through observation in many different circumstances and timely intervention for more effective treatment. When we moved into the present building, we thought we would see and treat children with a dozen to two dozen different genetic conditions. To date we have seen and treated children with over 80 different genetic conditions. Our work has led us toward a greater role in teaching others about what we have learned. We hope with the expansion in staff and facilities we will be able to do more in sharing progress through lectures, publications and conferences and in educating students of medicine.

The expansion of the Clinic is a key part of a five year plan which includes a second (and potentially a third) pediatrician who specializes in rare genetic disorders and the growth of an endowment fund to give the Clinic financial security. The Clinic has a non-profit status and relies on donations as well as proceeds from three annual auctions. This keeps fees for patient services at a minimum rate since most of the families who use the Clinic do not have insurance and do not participate in federal or state aid programs.

Another paragraph from their Winter 2000 Newsletter states the reason for the changes and the Clinic's goals for the future.

During the next year we are having a carefully planned and needed growth spurt. We are building . . . building staff, building space, and building the Clinic's future through the endowment fund. We do not plan to grow like this every year or to grow so that it changes the fundamental and personal way in which we operate and serve children. But, we need to grow in a way that we can continue to provide state of the art medical care, laboratory services, and [to] support research and education that is based on the needs and experiences of our patients.


The MSUD Family Support Group is currently funding several research projects and we are proactively looking for researchers interested in developing new treatments or finding a cure for MSUD. Significant funding is necessary if we are to accomplish this goal.
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