Greg and Ann Fredericks checked into the possibility of getting garden salads at McDonald's restaurants without the egg and cheese included on the new shaker salads. According to the McDonald's web site, they are willing to make adjustments to "make you smile!"

The Fredericks received a letter saying it should be possible to get a made-to-order garden salad at any McDonald's. They suggested calling 30 minutes ahead of time so they have time to make it. However, their local McDonald's said they don't need to call, and they will only need 5 to 10 minutes to prepare it.

The Fredericks have requested the salads when traveling and usually have had no problem. Sometimes the employees refuse and need to be reminded that it is possible to make a special order. It is best to ask only when the McDonald's is not busy as it does require time. Better than the older type of garden salad, the shaker salads have greener lettuce, small tomatoes, and scallions.

So check with your favorite McDonald's and make arrangements to have your request honored. Have your salad, keep your diet, and SMILE!


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