Art Award For Melissa

Melissa Berman, Peabody, Massachusetts, daughter of Bob Berman was recognized for her art talent in the Sixth Congressional District Art Awards. A student at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, she was named "best of school winner." Melissa, 20, has classic MSUD. She sold a painting of hers in December for the first time, and she received $60 for it. Melissa intends to pursue a career in art. We extend a hearty congratulations to her for her accomplishments.

Jessica Featured in Reaching Out
Jessica Berman, 17, is Melissa's younger sister and also has MSUD. Bonnie Brien is Jessica's "Big Sister." Bonnie has been including Melissa in their adventures and even accompanied them to Symposium '98 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The girls' father Bob is thrilled that Bonnie is a "Big Sister" to Jessica and is pleased Melissa is included in many of their outings. (Melissa and Jessica's mother died soon after Jessica was born.) Jessica is on the left in the photo above and Melissa on the right. Bonnie is in the middle - a good friend to both girls.

Jessica was named Student of the Month at her school in October 2001. Our sincere congratulations to Jessica. Keep up the good work.


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