I am retiring from my responsibilities in the MSUD Family Support Group. (Wayne says I can't retire since I was never hired!) This is my last issue as editor of the MSUD Newsletter. The load has grown too heavy for me at my age (62 - retirement age!). I announced my intentions to the MSUD eGroup last October with the hope that someone with enthusiasm and new ideas would offer to take over the work I have been doing for the organization. The consensus was that it was best to divide the jobs between several persons. My goal is to turn all these responsibilities over to others by the end of Symposium 2004. Then I can unclutter our office and my brain - how exciting!

I grew into these jobs. I had no formal preparation and only a high school education. Wayne and I are grateful for the talented and capable people who have offered to assume some of these responsibilities:

  1. Dave and Sandy Bulcher - headquarters for the organization
  2. Dave Bulcher - maintain database
  3. Adrienne Geffen - layout of MSUD Newsletter
  4. Kay Larsen - contact person
  5. Emily Talley - maintain web site

Two important jobs remain for the work of the organization to continue:

  1. Editor to gather and edit material for the Newsletter.
  2. Someone to keep the MSUD web site material updated.

We are grateful for the dedication Dave and Sandy have shown as treasurer and contact person and are confident that they will serve well with their additional responsibilities. I plan to transfer the database to Dave Bulcher as soon as I use it to make an updated family address list. These lists will be available at the Symposium in July and also available from Sandy on request.

Adrienne Geffen is a graphic artist who designed this attractive issue. Kay Larsen has begun helping with e-mail and phone inquiries as a contact person. There is always a constant flow of those to answer and Kay is doing a great job. Emily Talley is a web developer and will post material on our web site. But someone is needed to keep resource lists and other information on the site updated and prepared for Emily to post.

The job of editor is critical to the continuance of the MSUD Family Support Group because the Newsletter keeps the group informed. In our group of 640 families and professionals, there surely are a number of persons capable of editing the Newsletter. Perhaps a grandparent or other member of the family would be interested? It would be best if someone volunteered to be in charge of the MSUD Newsletter before the Symposium in order to cover it in the next issue. Please contact me if you are interested.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the MSUD Family Support Group since its origin in 1982. I enjoyed the challenge of editing the Newsletter and having our home serve as headquarters for the Support Group. I have learned skills that will help me in the future projects I hope to pursue. As long as Wayne is on the board of directors, we will still be actively involved in the Support Group and want to keep in touch with families as members of the MSUD eGroup.

We have learned to know several hundred wonderful families and professionals during these years and have made many lasting friendships. What we have learned has helped us give our daughter Shayla better care. (She looks forward to having Mom more available to talk to.) Most amazing of all to me has been the wonderful way the Lord has answered my prayers in many instances that looked hopeless. We feel the Lord called us to this field of work when He gave us two children with MSUD. We thank him for this opportunity and want to give Him all the glory. It has been a great blessing to us and worth all the challenges and trying times. Now I want to pass this privilege on to others. May God continue to direct and bless this wonderful Support Group as it strives to meet the needs of those involved with MSUD.