Buenos Aires - Argentina

Jimena received a partial liver transplant on July 5, 2006. She was the first MSUD child to be transplanted outside of the States, and the first in the world with the reduced liver technique. Her story appeared in local newspapers at the time.

The partial liver technique consists of putting a lobe of a donor's liver in place of the old liver. Then the liver grows to fill the entire cavity. As liver is trimmed it takes more time to recover than a whole liver, but complications are the same for both procedures. The transplant team at Hospital Italiano of Buenos Aires is very experienced in this technique. They have done more than 200 transplants. Jimena's case was complicated by fluid in her right lung. She was discharged 54 days after transplant.

Jimena’s experience is important for children with MSUD all around the world. In Argentina, as well as many other countries, the lack of pediatric donors makes it very difficult to wait for a whole organ that matches exactly. The reduced liver technique reduces waiting periods in countries like Argentina.

I received a lot of emails from parents of children with MSUD from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Honduras, New Zealand, etc that are interested in knowing more about the procedure.

Eduardo Gatica
Father of Jimena - 2 1/2 years


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