Robin (left) and Libby (right) Stone, with friend, Jade Prescott, talk with Denise Pinskey at "break-out" session at the MSUD Symposium.
My daughter, Libby (age 21), and I attended the symposium in Ohio. Our family has been thinking about and gathering information concerning the liver transplant for the past two years, and we were excited to learn that this was going to be a main focus of the symposium. We, as a family, have been praying that God would help us to make the right decision about going forward with the liver transplant. When Dr. Morton spoke that last day, Libby and I both felt immediately, that this was the answer we had been waiting for. We have since moved forward, and Libby had her liver transplant evaluation the first week of August. Our family is so excited that Libby will soon have a new lease on life, but are certainly aware that our blessings will also be someone elses loss.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping with the symposium. We really appreciate all the time and effort it takes for you to make this happen. It truly was one of the best. The accomodations were excellent and the information was outstanding. Having the extra time to spend visiting with the other families has always been such a rewarding time. We have been attending every symposium since the one held in Montreal, and our bond as an MSUD family strengthens each and every year. We will be looking forward to seeing all of you again in 2008.

Robin and Libby Stone, Desoto, KD