My most humble apologies to Julia. I was eager to print an account of her accomplishments and had asked Julia several times to write for the Newsletter. At the Symposium last year, her mother handed me this letter written by Julia on June 2, 1992. How I managed to put it in a wrong file and forget it, I'll never understand. So I am printing it now, although the news is a little outdated. Julia will be graduating from college with a degree in communications on May 8. Congratulations Julia, and thanks for sharing with our support group so we can rejoice with you.

Hi, my name is Julia Saunders and I'm a senior at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm a communications major and a history minor. I was originally going to be an elementary school teacher, but due to the stress and amount of work involved in pursuing this degree, I decided to switch majors in December, 1991.

College has not been easy, but I've learned a lot. I've maintained a GPA of 2.92 for the last semester and plan on graduating next May with honors. I plan on pursuing a career in journalism and am going to grad school in the fall of 1995 to obtain a masters in journalism and education.

This summer I am taking Group Discussion, Desktop Publishing, and Advanced Composition. I work parttime in the bookstore on campus. I enjoy working on campus because it is fun, and I have easier access to the computer lab and the library. It also makes getting to know people easier.

I was born September 4, 1969 to Patrick and Phoebe Saunders, who already had a fourteen month old daughter with MSUD. I was tested for the disease when I was a week old. Upon discovery that I, too, had the rare metabolic disease, I was taken to the University of Colorado Medical Center and spent the first three months of life there.

I'm now twenty-two years old and lead a relatively healthy life, except for an occasional cold, flu, or allergy attack. This spring had been the worst for my allergies. In February, I had a hard time breathing and went to my doctor. She told me that it may be asthma and put me on an inhaler. I went back several times and was told that I had a slight case of asthma brought on by allergies, so I use two different inhalers. One prevents the attacks and the other helps me breathe easier when an attack hits.


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