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  1. Laura Guthrie says:


    This is the first protein substitute ‘formula’ I can honestly say I really enjoy drinking, and better still, it doesn’t need a blender. I don’t have the taste struggles, the energy dips or the gastrointestinal symptoms or other problems I used to have from my MSUD Lophlex LQ20 pouches, and there is no bitter foretaste or ‘rotten’ background taste. I used to drink this formula with a straw, but it tastes so good that I have since started drinking it straight from the cup, and enjoying it rather than knocking it back or throwing it to the back of my mouth. It will best suit someone who can spare a couple of grams of protein/leucine per day, and who doesn’t mind significant volumes. For me it works well because multiple servings are so much more manageable when they taste nice!

    Please bear in mind that this is formulated to incorporate my own prescriptions, but the metabolic prescription products added can of course be adapted. Just don’t dilute to a total volume of less than 450ml for every 28g of unflavoured amino acid powder, or the flavours will not balance out.

    To make my exact recipe, I use:
    2 packets Nutricia MSUD Lophlex powder (provide 40g of MSUD-friendly protein equivalent, various micronutrients, and 198 calories)
    300mg isoleucine and 300mg valine (I have variant MSUD, and these higher supplementations of isoleucine and valine seem to be essential for enabling me to manage with slightly less formula each day)
    15g (1tbsp) Bournville unsweetened cocoa powder
    20g (1 tbsp + 1 tsp) Nestle Coffee Mate original
    5g (2 tsp) Kenco decaffeinated instant coffee granules
    Sweetex tablets to taste (I started with 14 tablets and have since downgraded to 10 – but it needs a lot of sweetness!)

    I make this the night before I need it. First I half-fill a 1 quart (900ml) Rubbermaid mixer-mate flask with cold water. Next I add the isoleucine and valine supplements, and the Lophlex powder. I then weigh out the other ingredients and add them, before filling the flask with water up to roughly the 900ml mark (some of the powder sits on the top making it hard to tell exactly). I then screw the cap on firmly and, holding the lid on with one finger, shake the flask vigorously, sideways, upside down, right way up, all round, for about 2 minutes, until I can see that the mixture is mostly uniform and the biggest grains have started to go into solution. I then pop it in the fridge. The whole process takes about seven minutes from start to finish. By the next morning the formula will be a smooth texture, cold, and ready to drink, but there will be a sediment at the bottom, which is why you need to shake it every time you pour some out. It does need to be kept refrigerated or in some kind of vacuum container if out the fridge for a long time, because the flavouring agents lose their masking effects if the formula gets too warm.

    I have two Rubbermaid mixer mate quart flasks and 2 Avent 6 oz screw-cap expressed milk storage containers. I use the same Avent container throughout the day, rinsing it in between servings, and put the day’s empty Avent container, and the empty Rubbermaid flask, for wash each evening. I have been drinking 5 ounces (150ml) of this formula at 8am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm and 8pm every day for the past six weeks. Already, twenty years of struggle with my formula feel like a distant memory, though as I am shielding, I have yet to see how well I can sustain this system when outside of the home environment and under greater stress.

    This formula, made in this way and drank at this dosage, contributes 2.4g of protein (144mg of leucine) and 348 calories per day. It could easily be reinforced with a neutral-tasting calorie supplement if need be.

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