Metabolic Camps

Emory University Metabolic Camp

The Emory University Metabolic Camp offers a holistic approach to the nutrition management of PKU and MSUD–empowering females ages 12 and older to make healthy choices and take charge of their futures as they live, learn, and play in a supportive camp environment. Their model research-based camp, with a focus on maternal PKU, has been supporting adolescent girls and young women for more than two decades. The goals of the camp are:

  • To teach the importance of nutrition and to help campers develop diet self-management skills.
  • To review the treatment recommendations for PKU and MSUD prior to and during pregnancy.
  • To create a place to share experiences and make new friends with other young women who have PKU or MSUD.
  • To research the impact of the above interventions on the transition to adulthood, pregnancy, quality of life, and overall health outcomes.

PKU Family Camp in Central Oregon

PKU attendees at this camp include recently diagnosed newborns, kids, teenagers, and adults – plus their family and friends. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with others managing life with PKU, offer support and share tips.  Many of our families come back year after year to see babies grow, teens mature and adults start families of their own. Allied metabolic disorders are welcome – the camp hosts patients with MSUD, Tyrosinemia and other metabolic disorders managed with a low protein diet attend each year.