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The MSUD Newsletter has been published biannually since 1982.  All issues are published on this web site. One issue is mailed to recipients.  

Volume 42-1Spring, 2024View
Volume 41-2Fall, 2023View
Volume 41-1Spring, 2023View
Volume 40-2Fall, 2022View
Volume 40-1Spring, 2022View
Volume 39-2Fall, 2021View
Volume 39-1Spring, 2021View
Volume 38-2Fall, 2020View
Volume 38-1Spring, 2020View
Volume 37-2Fall, 2019View
Volume 37-1Spring, 2019View
Volume 36-2Fall, 2018View
Volume 36-1Spring, 2018View
Volume 35-2Fall, 2017View
Volume 35-1Spring, 2017View
Volume 34-1Fall, 2016View 
Volume 33-2Summer, 2015View
Volume 33-1Spring, 2015View
Volume 31-2Fall, 2013View
Volume 30-2Fall, 2012View
Volume 30-1Spring, 2012View
Volume 29-2Fall, 2011View
Volume 29-1Spring, 2011View
Volume 28-2Fall, 2010View
Volume 27-1Spring, 2010View
Volume 26-2Fall, 2009View
Volume 26-1Spring, 2009View
Volume 25-2Fall, 2008View
Volume 25-1Spring, 2008View 
Volume 24-2Fall, 2007View
Volume 24-1Winter, Spring 2007View
Volume 23-2Summer, Fall 2006View
Volume 23-1Winter, 2006View
Volume 22-2Summer, 2005View
Volume 22-1Winter, 2004-5View
Volume 21-2Winter, Spring, 2003-4View
Volume 21-1Spring, Summer, 2003View
Volume 20-2Winter, Spring, 2002-3View
Volume 20-1Spring, Summer, 2002View
Volume 19-2Fall, Winter, 2001-2View
Volume 19-1Spring, Summer, 2001View
Volume 18-2Fall, Winter, 2000-1View
Volume 18-1Spring, Summer,2000View
Volume 17-2Fall, Winter, 1999-2000View
Volume 17-1Spring, Summer, 1999View
Volume 16-2Fall, Winter, 1998-9View
Volume 16-1Spring, Summer, 1998View
Volume 15-2Fall, Winter, 1997-8View
Volume 15-1Spring, SummerView
Volume 14-2Fall, Winter, 1996-7View
Volume 14-1Spring, Summer, 1996View 
Volume 13-2Fall, Winter, 1995-6View
Volume 13-1Spring, Summer, 1995View
Volume 12-2December, 1994View
Volume 12-1May, 1994View
Volume 11-2December, 1993View
Volume 11-1April, 1993View 
Volume 10-2December, 1992View
Volume 10-1May, 1992View
Volume 09-1April, 1991View