Many of you have helped us in the past by donating money or fundraising to support various projects and we are very grateful for your previous support. We are reaching out to you again for assistance. Donations can be directed to one of three purposes as shown below.


The MSUD Family Support Group Operating Fund

The largest operating expense of the organization are the two-day biennial symposiums, held in even numbered years at locations in the United States. Also, an operating expense is incurred for the production and mailing of the bi-annual newsletters, two of which are distributed each year, one of which is mailed to all members. Other operating expenses are incurred for communications, legal, accounting, professional fees, and other expenses. As noted above, all of our operations are conducted with no paid staff.


The MSUD Family Support Group Research Fund

The Research Fund is used to fund research projects deemed worthy by our Scientific Advisory Board and with the approval of the Board of Directors. A listing of past, current, and future projects consistent with our research plan can be viewed under the research menu of this site.


The MSUD Research Fund in conjunction with the annual

University of Pennsylvania/Orphan Disease Center’s (ODC) Million Dollar Bike Ride.


Donations made to the ODC  are matched dollar for dollar up to thirty thousand dollars (provided our donations exceed twenty thousand dollars). These donations support pilot research projects. The ODC manages the process for announcing the availability of research grants and administering the pilot research grant program. 



Register With and make the MSUD Family Support Group your charity of choice. Amazon will donate 1% of most purchases on to the MSUD Family Support Group. 



Or, Make a Donation With A Check

Should you wish to make a donation with a check, here’s how :


Send a donation to the MSUD Family Support Group. Make check payable to MSUD Family Support Group and mail it to:

Dave Bulcher, MSUD Treasurer,

4656 Winding Oak Dr. ,

Delaware, OH 43015.


Please include a donation form that indicates how we should allocate your donation  and indicate if you would like your contribution to go toward the General Fund, the Research Fund, or the Million Dollar Bike Ride fund. If you have no preference, the default fund will be the Operating Fund.

Remember to check with the HR department of your employer to determine if they have a program to match your donation.  Also, don’t forget to reach out to your family and friends and encourage them to donate to the MSUD Family Support Group. Personalized letters are the most effective tool. You may want to include a picture of the individual affected by MSUD. See the sample letter to model your letter after if desired.

Thanks for your help in improving the lives of those with MSUD and working towards a cure.


MSUD Family Support Group Board of Directors