MSUD Pregnancy


For women with MSUD, pregnancy and birth may spark many questions. The wonderful news is that women with MSUD can have safe pregnancies and give birth to healthy children.


Elaine Sim, MS, Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition, Oregon Health & Science University has prepared this booklet contains basic information, tips, and suggestions to consider before, during, and after pregnancy. Many of the topics included in this booklet were suggested by women with MSUD who have started their own families.

Expecting a child is an exciting time. The intent of this booklet is to help women with MSUD plan and prepare for pregnancy. We hope this booklet will be a useful resource to guide you and other women with MSUD through pregnancy.  

The information presented in this booklet may help you start conversations with your metabolic team.The booklet is not meant to replace the medical and nutrition advice from your metabolic team. Always ask your metabolic team if you have any questions or concerns about MSUD and your pregnancy.