Key Points

  • The 2022 Symposium will be held in Lancaster, PA.
  • Additional details will be announced soon.

2022 MSUD Family Support Group Symposium

Let us know what you would like to hear and see at the symposium and BTW, don’t hesitate to volunteer!


The biennial 2022 MSUD Symposium will be held in Lancaster, PA in late June or July, 2022.  The exact dates will be announced soon.

Previous symposiums have been attended by about 250 persons from nearly have the states across the U.S.A., and also from several countries.  Attendees include MSUD patients and their families, nutritional food suppliers, and medical professionals.

Speakers discuss the science and treatment of MSUD, the current status of research approaches, living life with MSUD, and other topics. Family socializing and recreation is also included. If you have additional ideas, let us know!.

Conducting such an event takes a lot of teamwork. Please consider assisting as a volunteer. We’ll provide more information soon.